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16. Bisexual. Minnesota. Hippie at heart. Photographer.

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"you’re too young to determine your sexuality" said no one to the heterosexual teenager

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If my jokes offend you:

  1. I’m sorry
  2. It won’t happen again
  3. 1 & 2 are lies 
  4. You’re a pussy

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you had me at “hello” and you lost me at “i think your friend is cute”

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I could go for a nice make-out session up against a wall right about now.

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I love the look on his face when he gets to the smallest one.

you are the most evil person
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These musk thistles are really lovely, but they’re also considered noxious weeds in CO and several neighboring states.  So when I went back a few days later to take more photos, they’d already been poisoned with a blue wilting poison.

I like how all of these are lovely photos, untill you see two ladybugs getting it on.
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this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

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is this a threat